Stay on Track! Using Smart Planner to Plot Your Course

Your experience as a college student can be full of twists and turns. Emerging technologies are making it necessary for colleges and universities to add as individual course requirements to existing majors and new majors are popping up to support the job market. In fact, some universities are offering as many as 25 more majors than they did only a couple of years ago! 
With so many choices, no wonder we’re confused! It’s not uncommon for freshmen to enter college as an “exploratory” major and then decide on a direction after the first year or two.  Sometimes they come in with both guns blazing, bent on a major until they dabble in some courses and realize it’s not their cup of tea after all. 

Then how do you keep track of the credits you’ve already earned? How much of it will transfer to another degree? Changing majors can be complicated, especially if the path you want to switch to isn’t at least parallel to the one you started on. 

Student life is buzzing with activity, and help with organization and planning are valuable for your success. Class schedules, assignment due dates, work, engagements with friends and the latest sporting event schedules are a swirl of events throughout your week that can make you dizzy. The Smart Planner online course tracker is a U of A patented interactive tool and lets you and anyone with authorized access see your progress and help you make decisions on what to do about signing up for courses and changing majors. 

Smart Planner on UAccess

You can use Smart Planner to explore the path of alternate scenarios in a different degree, and it will take into account the courses you have already completed. The application uses information from the UAccess database that holds all of your academic activity and projects what the rest of your college career will look like. It also saves information about courses you took prior to starting at the U of A, such as transfer and AP credits. Double majors are very common, so the Planner accounts for all of your course work from both degrees. For dually enrolled students, it keeps track of courses you are taking at the other college, too! Because the software is interactive, your changes are automatically saved in the system. Essentially, it helps you understand what you need to do to stay on track. 

The Planner is available 24/7, but some things are best handled with some help. If you think you want to change majors or become interested in courses that are not related to your major, it’s best to talk with an advisor about your options. Since Smart Planner is accessible to all students, faculty and staff who have UAccess authentication, you can meet with an advisor with questions about using the Planner or interpreting any information you don’t understand.  Because of the ease of use, the program frees up advisors to help you will more pressing questions than just class scheduling.

Your parents will more than likely want to talk to view progress about your academic life, and they can access your plan with UA Guest Center Access. And yes, this means they can see your grades! 

You can access your Smart Planner from most devices, but your phone could be limited depending on the operating system your phone has. Some systems may not offer a good interface for the app. Tablets, laptops and desktops are the best way to access Smart Planner.

This easy-to-use tool will be valuable to easing the complicated business of being a student and making such important life decisions. If you have any questions about how to use the planner, feel free to drop in at the Student Memorial Center, suite 411, email at or call (520) 626-8667.